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  • Added by: MaxV @ 13 Feb 2014 15:57
    Drag and Drop on Window
    This script show how to use shell32.dll in order to have use "drag and drop" to move file inside you application. I launched the script and obtained: Drag some files and drop them on this window... then I dropped a file in the window and obtained: You dropped 1 files. at coordinate 63x313 1. /C/Documents and Settings/max/Desktop/Good day.pdf Finishing drag operation Unregistering window from DragAcceptFiles queue Here is the source code: REBOL [     Title:   "System Port - Drag Accept Demo"     File:   %sys-port-drag-accept.r     Author: "Gregg Irwin"     EMail:   greggirwin@acm.org     Version: 0.0.1     Date:     25-sep-2003     Purpose: {         Demo using system port to catch WM_DROPFILE messages for drag-n-drop         support.     } ] ; Stripped version of win-shell object for demo purposes. win-shell: make object! [     win-lib:   load/library %shell32.dll     null-buff: func [         {Returns a null-filled string buffer of the specified length.}         len [in ...

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