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PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:41 pm
by MaxV
Ok, since I just received the 100th email about the same questions, I'll write down here a FAQ page, you are free to add questions: :D

What is rebol?
It's a great cross-platform programming language, go to
and see the examples.

Is Rebol for my OS?
Yes, there are the sources and the binaries ready to use, look here:

What are the differences between Rebol 2 and 3B?
Rebol 2 is like the stable version, but is closed source.
Rebol 3 and 3B are the new beta version, but they are open source and you can contribute to the project.

Why there is this site?
In order to have a simple way to communicate, produce documentation, articles, ask question. Put in contact rebol users and developers. Totally automated.

Is registration free?
YES, it is.

May I use this site for free?
YES, you may use any part of it for free.

Why don't you change skin/template/graphic...?
This is a FREE hosting, me and you don't pay anything for it; the effect side is the impossibility to have a totally personalized them, there is short list to choose. However you may change your theme style using the drop-down menu button in the upper left side.

Why don't you get a private hosting?
Simply: I don't have the money for paying a personal hosting (but I don't need money). :mrgreen:

Why don't you buy a personal domain?
Simply: I don't have the money for paying a personal hosting (but I don't need money). :mrgreen:

Why don't you use xyz... CMS?
Read the last 2 answers.

May I use the forum/wiki/blog/gallery?
Yes, when you create an account on forum, the same account is automatically created for wiki/blog/gallery and vice versa.

What will you do with my personal data?
Nothing, I don't read them.


PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2013 11:02 am
by MaxV
Is Rebol free?

  • Rebol 3: yes, it's free and open source
  • Rebol 2: yes, but it's closed source. You are just free to write your own rebol scripts.
  • Rebol2/Command: no, it costs $149. It's an enhanced version of rebol 2 with integrated :
    • MySQL and Oracle database interfaces
    • ODBC (SQLServer, Access, Excel) database interface
    • Access to external libraries (DLLs)
    • SSL secure sockets (HTTPS client)
    • Built-in RSA, AES, Blowfish, DSA, DH encryption
    • Shell commands, launch external apps
    • Windows Registry access functions
    • Fast CGI server interface
  • Rebol 2 SDK: no, it costs $ 249. It's the expert rebol software development kit. It has:
    • all REBOL2/Command features
    • 3 REBOL encapsulators to create executable programs
    • 3 new REBOL2 Kernels: /Base, /Pro, and /Face
    • REBOL2 Preprocessor 2.0 to organize your programs
    • Windows Registry access functions
    • Source modules for various components


PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 11:43 am
by MaxV
What is Rebol 3 Bazaar?
It's a long story: on 12nd December 2012 Carl Sassenrath released Rebol 3 code on GitHub. Rebol 3 code released was without any graphic capability. It was open source, under Apache 2 license.
Rebol community was excited to be able to develop and correct Rebol 3 code.
Unfortunately Carl stopped to follow Rebol 3 development and he ignored all pull code requests (he said that he have no time).
After some months of inactivity I decide to make a fork of it and adding all pull good requests that were ignored.
Moreover I downloaded Saphirion Rebol 3 public source with graphic capability (R3GUI). I noticed that Saphirion source is the same Rebol 3 source with just some addictions. So I added it to my Rebol 3 fork.
In the end Rebol 3 Bazaar is the community Rebol 3 with graphic capability (just on Windows at the present).

Why does Rebol 3 Bazaar need external DLLs?

I don't know, I just compiled the Saphirion public source and the resulting binary asked me for libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and libstdc++-6.dll. Those DLL must be in the same rebol.exe folder.
If you have some other information, please let us know.

May I fork it?
Yes, you may.

May I contribute?
Yes, you are strongly encouraged to contribute. Beginners to expert can contribute, no one will ever ignored or offended. ;)