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    Post: "Rebsite around the world"
    Posted by MaxV on 26 Nov 2013, 22:49
    rgchris wrote a web app that shows rebsites in the world: http://desktop.rebol.info/ the source code is here: https://github.com/revault/desktop.rebol.info Add your rebsite!
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    Post: "Brett Handley"
    Posted by MaxV on 11 Mar 2013, 18:08
    Today I write about Mr. Brett Handley, another great rebol activist. Do you remember this post (http://rebol.informe.com/blog/2013/01/28/seeing-parse-in-action/)? Mr. Brett Handley updated his scri
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    Post: "The Easiest Programming Language"
    Posted by MaxV on 07 Mar 2013, 19:57
    Today I present another work of Nick Antonaccio: The Easiest Programming Language site Obviously it talks about Rebol :-) Moreover on his site he offers FREE private Rebol programming lesson, he wro
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    Post: "Rebol3 is dead, long live to Rebol3Bazaar"
    Posted by MaxV on 13 Feb 2013, 16:12
    I've been quiet for a long while, and this blog is not easy for me to write. I'm sitting here with a glass of 2013 Ferrarelle mineral water of the glass bottle... hoping to be inspired on how to
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