New building materials of the "polyethylene PEF insulation

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New building materials of the "polyethylene PEF insulation

Postby qizhenapp on Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:42 am

Polyethylene PEF insulation material is the use of advanced foam technology production line, using the most advanced scientific formula to high-pressure polyethylene, flame retardants, foaming agent, crosslinking agent and other raw materials blending.exterior shutters for porch privacy
Colorful products (PEF): color: the product was light milky yellow resistance: the product was dark gray white: the product was color that is white color: according to user needs to provide a variety of standard monochrome and color composite color The Features: 1, adiabatic effect: the material foam is completely independent of the closed-cell foam, not only the insulation effect is good, and the advantages of more prominent cold.bedroom composite wood board
the construction is simple, fast: the construction of the insulation board or pipe directly wrapped in the need to heat the object, with glue can be bonded. long life: because of its excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, material structure stability, life is higher than the traditional insulation materials.can composite decking be glued
integrated insulation costs low: the use of this material, although a one-time high investment, but its long life, do not need frequent replacement, not only save material costs, but also save a lot of labor costs. And because of insulation, cold effect, energy saving is a long-term savings. Its integrated insulation costs than other insulation materials, but lower.Synthetic Wood Exterior Cladding
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